Warranty Information

Please read the guidelines here for information about the care and handling of your products from Creative Millwork and to learn more about our 1-year limited warranty.

Care & Handling Guidelines

Make sure doors are kept dry. Align or adjust components if necessary. Remove all handling marks (instruction labels, cross-sand marks, stamps, and defects of exposure to moisture) with a thorough final light sanding on all surfaces of the door. Clean the door thoroughly after sanding to remove all dust or foreign material. However, avoid using caustic or abrasive cleaners.

Apply finish as soon as door is fitted but before final hanging. Make sure all surfaces are sealed and finished, including the top and bottom edge of the stiles and rails as well as all hardware preps (hinge, locks, flush bolts, and astragals). Follow all manufacturers’ finishing and painting recommendations using products from the same manufacturer or from compatible manufacturers. When finishing the joints where wood parts or glass and wood come together, ensure that enough paint or sealer is put on to form a bridged film across voids. This action will minimize moisture penetration through these joints.

Apply two coats of an exterior grade primer. Scuff sand between each coat to a complete dullness with fine grit or #1 steel wool. Wipe clean with a cloth dampened with a quality surface conditioner. Apply a bead of paintable caulk to the perimeter of panels prior to painting. Finish all surfaces with a minimum of two coats of a high-quality exterior grade paint. A minimum of two coats of paint must be used to maintain warranty. Do not use dark colors in conditions where the door is exposed to direct sunlight.
Doors may be finished with or without the use of stain. If no stain is to be used it will be necessary to fill and sand the nail holes on any raised or applied moulding. After the stain has dried, apply a minimum of two coats of a clear exterior moisture sealer. Sand lightly between coats. Apply at least two coats of a high quality exterior grade, fade resistant, ultraviolet inhibiting polyurethane. Sand lightly between coats. Apply a bead of clear silicone caulk to the perimeter of panels and glass after the final finish.
Do not schedule delivery to the building site until surrounding conditions warrant it. Cement, plaster, joint compounds, and paints must be completely dry. The first, most important steps to be made are protection from moisture and soiling during delivery and storage. Inspect the material promptly after receipt and notify Creative Millwork LLC immediately if there are any problems or questions. Your salesperson will be happy to assist in these matters. Keep material clean and handle with clean hands and equipment. Do not drag material or doors across one another or other surfaces. Store doors flat, on a level surface, in a dry, well ventilated building.

Do not lean doors against anything. Cover to keep clean, but allow air circulation. If interior doors are to be stored on the job site, all wood surfaces, including edges and ends, must be properly sealed with an approved sealer, to prevent undue moisture absorption. Do not subject material to abnormal heat, dryness, humidity, or sudden changes, such as forced heat to dry out a building, for prolonged periods of time. Interior material should be allowed to acclimate to the proper environment.

All material should be conditioned to the average relative humidity of the locale before installation by the use of humidification systems in winter or dry periods and dehumidification or air conditioning systems in summer or wet periods. Material should be finished as soon as possible and humidity levels must be maintained at a minimum of 35% relative humidity to a maximum of 55% in order to maintain the moisture content of material at 7-10%. Exterior doors must be finished immediately upon installation.

Any entry with a direct exposure to the sun, primarily south and west elevations, or facing extreme weather conditions must have an overhang or porch projection equal to or more than one half the total height of the entry. Dark colored finishes must be avoided on the exterior surfaces of the entry, doors and sash if in direct exposure to sunlight and especially in combination with a storm door. Allow adequate clearance for swelling of door or frame in damp periods when door is machined and installed during dry periods.
Inadequate Overhang
Facing Southern to Western Exposures
Dark Finishes
Direct Exposure to Sunlight
Storm Door Application Without Proper Ventilation
Abrasive cleaners or lacquer thinner should not be used to clean the surface of hinges. To do so will void any manufacturer’s warranty for the product. Hinges should be cleaned with a dry cloth or with water only.

1-Year Limited Warranty

Creative Millwork LLC warrants, subject to the conditions and restriction contained in the Creative Millwork LLC finishing and installation guidelines that each product manufactured and sold by Creative Millwork LLC shall:

Comply with the Creative Millwork LLC Product Standards; and be free from defects in materials and workmanship from the time of manufacture for a period of one (1) year.

Should a product manufactured by Creative Millwork LLC fail to conform to this written warranty, Creative Millwork LLC will, at its option, either repair, replace, or refund the original purchase price of the product. Except for glass in Creative Millwork doors, sidelights, and transoms, Creative Millwork LLC shall not pay for the cost of labor, installation, or finishing of the replacement of the product. Within the first year, Creative Millwork LLC will supply all the labor and materials necessary to remove a piece of glass and either replace or reseal the existing glass and reinstall it, excluding any cost for refinishing stops.

Creative Millwork LLC does not warranty products sold, produced by other manufacturers. Creative Millwork LLC will forward any written claims associated with defective products to the particular manufacturer, who will contact the customer directly. Creative Millwork LLC is not responsible for any installation, finishing or refinishing costs of either the original or the replacement product, or any associated costs. No compensation will be paid to any outside party for performing any work in respect to any claim without prior consent and authorization from Creative Millwork LLC.


The following shall not be considered a defect in material or workmanship and are not covered in this limited warrant:

  • The door/product is not finished, painted, or sealed within one (1) week from delivery of the items.
  • Warp for any door wider than 42” and/or taller than 96”
  • For doors 1 ¾” thick, warp not to exceed 1/4” in seven feet of the plane of the door itself
  • Warp caused by improper installation
  • Variation or unsatisfactory results in gloss level, texture, or appearance resulting from the application of paint or any other finishing material
  • Natural variations in color, grain, or texture of the wood
  • Damage caused by failure to comply with Creative Millwork LLC Care and Handling guidelines or improper handling or onsite storage
  • Failure to perform normal homeowner’s maintenance
  • Surface checks that are less than 1/32” in width and/or 2” in length
  • Panel movement (shrinkage) of 1/8” or less
  • Damage caused by extreme temperatures either heating in the interior or where a storm door is utilized
  • Warp or twist in doors manufactured with two or more species
  • Warp or twist in doors in pocket door applications 


Creative Millwork LLC (“Licensor”) hereby grants you (rightful user) (“Licensee”) a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, and non-assignable license to retrieve and use Licensor’s copyrighted architectural drawing(s) subject to the following conditions:
That the architectural drawing(s) be used exclusively as a component of an architectural plan; AND
That the Licensee conspicuously credit Licensor as the source of the architectural drawing(s) with inclusion of Licensor phone number, (630 762 0002), on the face of the architectural plan that contains the Licensor’s architectural drawing(s).

In the event that Licensee fails to fulfill any of the conditions of this agreement, Licensee is deemed in material breach of the agreement, the grant of license is revoked, and the Licensee is subject to all copyright infringement penalties available under United States copyright law and international treaty provisions. Furthermore, at Licensor’s option, Licensor may revoke all rights and privileges of Licensee with respect to Licensor’s business including but not limited to future access to architectural drawings.